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Severe lockdown in the district where the Orphanage of Hope is situated has meant all means of transportation has been banned for at least the next 42 days. The military are on the streets and all roads have road blocks. The orders are to jail any one who disobeys and they are not afraid to shoot to kill.

This picture shows what happened when a man went inter district trying to sell milk so his family can survive. It is terribly sad.

So we have to buy Maize flour to make porridge and the prices will skyrocket. We need to get enough to last 2 months which is a real financial burden. We have more medicines to buy as the current dry season is very hard especially on our HIV orphans with AIDS. Dust and dry air is also not helping.

We are wanting to purchase three blocks of land closer to the Orphanage . The current leased land ( and one that was given for us to use at no cost) at Lake Bunyonyi is too far away....17 kms one way. We are having to get 5 men to walk ( the same men who are building our school ) to the lake , pick the Beans and sweet potatoes and other crops then carry the bags which can weigh 50kgs each on their heads back to the Orphanage of Hope.( another 17kms)

There is not other way. The crops would be ruined otherwise.

As we can only use our men ( in the one bubble) to make it even worse , as the men work on the building site in Bare feet. ...we have to buy Gum Boots for them to walk the close to 40 kms....thats almost a marathon distance. IN GUM BOOTS !!!

If you think life at your place is hard spare a thought for these guys.

We have a current short fall of $1,500 .

We need to purchase in July ..........

* An adjacent Eucalyptus Blue Gum Plantation 70,000 trees NZD 11,000.

* An adjacent Fertile 2.5 acres Garden NZD 13,000.

* An adjacent Fertile 1.5 acres Garden NZD 7,000.

Thank you for the Kind , loving and generous people who give....May God Bless You

Lindsay Walker

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