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Orphanage of Hope

Prior to 2018 , Cogan Tumwesigye  was almost singlehanded running a house that cared for orphans, many had been left to die or fend for themselves on roads and ditches nearby. It became obvious that with only minimal support from a small handful of people worldwide, much had to change.


That is where MMNC came in. In August 2018, the orphanage was renamed (The Orphanage of Hope) and moved a new site with better accommodation and a potential to expand. 

The first concern was to to keep all 172 children alive: feed them, clothe them, provide schooling and medicine.

A safari company was also formed and government registered to operated complete with a new sign written Safari Vehicle and is ready to operate (post Covid).

A new Kitchen for the orphanage  and a purpose built school are planned to start early in the new year once donations have been received.

Orphanage of Hope
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Sponsoring a child at a $1/day ensures that children have the basics of life: nutricious food, bedding (and a place to call their own), clothing, schooling and medication.

In total we have 173 children in our care.....

We currently have 23  orphans still waiting to be sponsored - PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ?? You will receive a childs picture and short bio of your child. 

Just two children left to sponsor!

OOH Kitchen

OOH Kitchen

The current kitchen set-up is very unsafe and inadequate to cook for 180 people. With your donation, we can change this.

Project cost: $2000


Hope Education Centre

Hope Education Centre

Currently the children have school where they sleep. We are in the process of building a 7-classroom school which will also have 2 craft training rooms and an office. The land has been purchased and building blocks made.

Read more about this project at this blog post.

Project cost: $360,000


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