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A small non-profit making a big difference. 

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Provided shelter and care for 172 street kids.

Through the Orphanage of Hope, 172 former street kids have been provided with a home, adequate food, and a whole lot of love and care. 


Built a seven-classroom education facility.  

In 2021 we set out on a mission to build an education centre at our location in Kabale. Today, the Hope Education Centre is home to seven classrooms, allowing children to have a space to learn, create, and grow.


Advanced local employment through the Hope School and Bakehouse. 

The employment and career opportunites provided by the Hope School and the Bakehouse, give Ugandan residents the oppurtunity to work and train towards long-term career goals.  Make My Name Count currently employs 18 skills bakers and salespeople, as well as 7 passionate teachers.


Constructed a bake house and efficient small-business. 

Established in 2016, The Bakehouse is not only created a thriving bakery but also paved the way for transformation in our community. Today, the Bakehouse proudly employs a dedicated team of 18 skilled bakers and salespeople.

Orphanage of Hope
Orphanage of Hope
Orphanage of Hope
Orphanage of Hope
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