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Learn and Advocate

Non-Profit Uganda

Not for profit is exactly what Make My Name Count stands for and stands by. The very wording of Make my Name Count is a call out to people from all walks of life, different countries, different cultures to join together to help those far less fortunate than ourselves.


The Children at the Orphanage of Hope have absolutely nothing, their only prized possession is their exercise books containing new words they have learnt, pictures they have drawn, or mathematic problems they have solved.

At Kakuuto where Harriet's family lives now, away from the flood plan they once had to endure, they now have crops, cattle and tools and resources, which they can and do share with the many people less fortunate than they are, in an area where they once lived.   

Also at Kakuuto is a Bakery, which for over 4 years has made many hundreds of thousand of  loaves of bread and buns for sale, providing not only food to survive, but employment for 18 people. 

Special ENTCAS small non interest loans have helped Gertrude, Alex and Peter

into small businesses that helps their families and the wider community. 

Back in Kabale at the Orphanage of Hope, the Hope Education Centre is slowly being built, but it requires more donations. This will give the education required for once disadvantaged children to be the future leaders of their country.

The Hope Safaris will recommence operating once borders reopen. The purchased vehicle and staff will make this happen. It will allow another income source to be used exclusively to aid the  funding of  the Orphanage of Hope.

The Donated Hens (now 200) and Donated Bees (now 31 Hives) and the 8 hectares of land all have been absolutely invaluable and vital in keeping people alive. 

Making Your Name Count will be one of the most satisfying moments of your life, and knowing your Donation is so greatly  appreciated, one of the most rewarding. 

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