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Kakuuto, South-West Uganda

In 2016, after visiting their sponsor child in Kakuuto, Uganda, Lindsay and Dalaine built their sponsor child (plus a family of 11) a new brick home away from disease-infected flood waters and much closer to school and ammenities. The benefit to this family was dramatic. From here, Lindsay sought more ways to make a real difference in his sponsor child's local community.

You'll find Kakuuto in the South West region of Uganda, Central Africa. You'll also find that its one of the most severly impoverished areas of the world, living conditions are horrendous. Kakuuto lies on a swamp plain which is often flooded with several feet of water. Roads are impassible and the mud and grass hut homes are compromised. Disease spreads quickly and wild animals abound looking to escape the water. There is often no escape.

Timeline of Events


Small Business Loans

We have seen great success from business loans given to chosen, driven people who have a dream to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Gertrude in the picture did just that when she built a hen pen and bought many hens so that she could sell eggs to make an income and support her family.

There are many more people with business plans who simply don't have the financial ability to make their dream a reality. You can help today!

Best Bakehouse

Best Bakehouse

Community bakery, employment, nutrician

Built in 2016 thanks to the generous support of the people of Oamaru, the bakehouse provides employment for 18 bakers and delivery/sales people and is a huge source of income for the community.

The team have plans to expand into other markets and make new product, but need specialised equipment and extra delivery vehicles to do this. With your help, operations can expand and more people be lifted out of poverty.

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