The creation of Make My Name Count came in 2015 when Lindsay witnessed first hand extreme poverty that could be reversed through a single person 

(with the help of many the world over) giving small amounts of money that was going to reach in its entirety to honest, appreciative and some of the kindest people on the earth.


We raise resources, of which, 100% are sent to the project they are intented for in Uganda. Our projects either increase the standard of living of children providing the basics of life: food, shelter, medication, clothing or education. Or, our resources assist people and in Uganda to become self-supporting in providing an income for themselves.


Whilst we are based on the other side of the world in Oamaru (a small town in the South Island of New Zealand), Lindsay and Dalaine have been highly effective in facilitating worldwide interaction and involvement. Operating on a shoestring, close to $250,000 has been sent to Uganda that has changed the lives of hundreds of people. Much more can be achieved - we would love your interaction. 

Lindsay and Dalaine Walker



Lindsay and Dalaine Walker are two ordinary New Zealanders touched by seeing first hand a huge need - living conditions that people less fortunate than themselves must endure daily, a fragility of life that makes the sole purpose of living to simply survive, and something that doesn't take much fixing if you want it badly enough.

Lindsay and Dalaine are Global travellers, at grass routes level, having been to over 100 countries all at their own expense. For many years they have sponsored a total of 12 children in Colombia, Ecuador, Rwanda Brazil, and where this story begins with Harriet in Kakuuto, Uganda (where they saw the greatest need).

These children have had extraordinary life-changing transformations and have gone on to help people in their communities with two going on to University qualifications.

Lindsay and Dalaine have been humbled by the generosity of kind people. From those giving a pledge of a single dollar a day to provide the basics of life for an orphan at the Orphanage of Hope in Kabale (schooling, food, medicines and clothing); to those who want to help with a little money to provide an ENCAS interest free loan at Kakuuto to enable the purchase of bees, chickens, pigs, cattle; and to the super donors who have faithfully pledged greater amounts over an extended time.

Money goes a long way in Uganda. A single NZ dollar buys 2,403 Ugandan Shillings, a single US dollar buys 3,673 Ugandan Shillings (Rates Aug 2020).

Every dollar makes a huge difference and every dollar is valued! 



Cogan Tumwesigye

Cogan is a university graduate with a pastoral calling. He turned down a career to care for orphans, many of whom were found dumped in the road near his home. He has a love for children and has a huge heart. 


Both Cogan and his wife Medius have worked tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of every orphan at the Orphanage of Hope.


From just a few orphaned children in 2007 to the current number of 172. The photo gallery which includes  many before and after photos will attest to the amount of work and what has been achieved in the two years we have supported the orphanage.

Celebrate Hope Ministries

Celebrate Hope Ministries

Celebrate Hope Ministries  is a charitable trust and registered society in Uganda. We have found this organisation very trustworthy with a similar vision to provide a better lifestyle for the people of Uganda. 

House of Breakthrough

House of Breakthrough

In August 2019  the House of Breakthrough, Oamaru  (to which Lindsay and Dalaine are members) have generously helped by its members sponsoring a number of 

children as well as purchasing the adjourning plot of land beside the OOH.

The house is now used to ease the considerable overcrowding in the main house. 

HOBO is a very dynamic smaller church with a great heart and outreach and it’s support is critical and greatly appreciated.