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Small Loan 

lady washing dishes
lady wearing apron
Traditional Shuka


Entcas Loans

At Make My Name Count, we believe in the power of small loans to make a big difference in people's lives. Our initiative has already witnessed remarkable success, transforming the lives of countless community members in Uganda. How do we do it? By offering a unique opportunity: interest-free small loans.

These small loans act as a catalyst for change, providing families with the means to embark on entrepreneurial journeys they never thought possible. We understand that financial constraints can often stifle dreams and limit opportunities. That's why we are here to change the narrative.

With our interest-free small loans, individuals are empowered to start their own small businesses, breathing life into their aspirations and igniting economic growth within their communities. By supporting Make My Name Count, you become a part of this incredible movement. Together, we can empower Ugandans to break free from financial limitations, fostering a spirit of independence and self-reliance. Through our small loan initiative, we create a ripple effect, uplifting not just individuals but entire families and communities.

man with a pig


Alexander's Pig Farm

Alex is the headmaster of Kakuuto Community Primary School and is passionately in-charge of over 550 young people. However, with a meagre income and a vast demand for mature pigs, Alex set out to start his pig farm. Entcas loans enabled Alex to buy four pigs, pig feed and materials to construct a pig sty. 

lady with chickens


Gertrude's Pig Farm

Gertrude is a mother who sough an income to financially support her children through school. With ENTCAS Loans' support, Gertrude could purchase ten chickens, chicken feed, and material to construct an enclosure. Gertrude hopes to provide better nutrition and inspire other community members to follow her example. 

Ugandan farmer


Peter's Bee Keeping

Peter is passsionate about beed and honey and has researched them for many years. ENTCAS Loans enabled Peter to purchase 20 hives and the appropriate equipment. Peter also teaches young people in local schools about beekeeping. 

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