We value your donation and will ensure that all money will go directly to a Make My Name Count project. Current projects can be viewed here.


There are several ways that you can give. Our specified bank account is listed for all electronic payments. Paypal has been included especially for international donors to give via credit card, although this method will incur transaction fees to MMNC. 

If making a donation to a specific project, please reference your donation with the project name. Also - we would love to keep in contact with you, please send us an email or message so that we can personally thank you for your support.


Make My Name Count
Kiwi Bank Oamaru

Bank account # 38-9006-0298793-01
(please reference with project name)


How can you be sure that your money reaches the people of Kakuuto?


We will be enlisting the expertise of people with exceptional credibility, such as Compassion International, Celebrate Hope Ministries and Africa Renewal Ministries.


We wish to collaborate with these organisations to rapidly complete life changing projects.


All money will be directed through these organisations, in conjunction with Make My Name Count. If we identify an exceptional need, funding will be directed accordingly. 



How Can I Stay Connected?


Our Facebook page will be updated regularly with photos, articles and videos of current projects. We are particularly interested in trialling basic low-technology ideas. If you have any ideas for basic technology to help developing communities, you can send any videos or links to our email address or post them on our Facebook page.


Where will my donation go?


Every dollar you donate is directed towards project materials.  Project Co-ordinators, Lindsay and Dalaine, cover their own expenses personally.



Where will we begin?


We want to establish a trusting, long-term relationship with the community of Kakuuto. Our first priority is to move Harriet and her family off the flood plain to a new house on higher ground. Then we will concentrate on community projects including a new community centre, a working bakehouse, and a coffee production micro-enterprise.



Are there other projects planned?


At present, we feel to focus on and complete the projects in Kakuuto, Uganda. We have travelled the world and seen many other areas and people in need, our hearts are moved to meet their needs too. Once we feel our work is complete in Uganda, we will look into other projects.

Recently, in 2018, we took on the project of helping Orphanage of Hope in Kabale, Southern Uganda.

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