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Orphanage of Hope


In 2021 we set out on a mission to build an education centre at our location in Kabale. Today, the Hope Education Centre is home to seven classrooms, allowing children to have a space to learn, create, and grow. 

Our goal for 2023 is to build the skills training block with four focus groups, including mechanics, building, and sewing. 

Map of Uganda
Children at the Orphanage of Hope

Educate to Elevate

We follow the Ugandan Education Curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and Sport.  

Through our project to build skills training rooms, we hope to provide our children with the tools to stand out in the job market. 

Our seven passionate teachers lead with experience and excellence. 

All of our children learn two languages: the local language and English. 

The Skills Training Rooms

See how you can aid our mission to complete the Skills Training Rooms on our campus. 

Total number of bricks to complete the school and skills training rooms 

The purpose of each room 

A map of our campus layout

The Hope Education Centre
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