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Meet our founders.


Introducing Lindsay and Dalaine Walker, the extraordinary founders behind our mission. Hailing from New Zealand, these two compassionate individuals were deeply moved when they witnessed the harsh realities of less fortunate communities around the world. They experienced firsthand the dire living conditions and the fragility of life that forces individuals to merely survive. Recognizing that the situation could be improved with determination and dedication, Lindsay and Dalaine embarked on a transformative journey.

As avid global travelers, Lindsay and Dalaine have explored over 100 countries, immersing themselves in grassroots experiences. Their commitment to making a difference led them to sponsor twelve children across Colombia, Ecuador, Rwanda, Brazil, and beyond. However, it was their encounter with Harriet in Kakuuto, Uganda, that ignited the spark that would shape their impactful story.

Through their sponsorship and support, these children experienced life-changing transformations and, in turn, became agents of change in their own communities. Remarkably, two of them even pursued university education, breaking the cycle of poverty and inspiring others to do the same.

The profound generosity of kind-hearted individuals has left Lindsay and Dalaine humbled. From those who pledged just a dollar a day to provide the essentials for an orphan at the Orphanage of Hope in Kabale—such as education, food, medicines, and clothing—to those who offered financial assistance to establish interest-free loans at Kakuuto, enabling the purchase of vital resources like bees, chickens, pigs, and cattle. Moreover, there are those exceptional super donors who have consistently pledged substantial amounts over an extended period.

Lindsay and Dalaine stand as beacons of hope and compassion, fueling their mission to empower vulnerable communities worldwide. They believe that every individual deserves a chance at a better life, and their unwavering dedication drives them to go above and beyond. Together, we can join hands with Lindsay, Dalaine, and their incredible team to create sustainable change and provide brighter futures for those who need it most.

Lindsay and Dalaine Walker

Meet our coordinator.

Cogan Tumwesigye

Meet Cogan, an educated man, driven by a strong pastoral calling. Fueled by his passion for making a meaningful impact, he chose to forgo a conventional career path to provide unwavering care to orphans, many of whom were tragically abandoned on roadsides near his own home. Cogan's profound love for children shines through, exemplifying his immense compassion and boundless heart. Together with his wife Medius, they have channeled tireless efforts into ensuring the well-being and security of every child at the Orphanage of Hope.

From humble beginnings with just a handful of orphaned children in 2007, Cogan and Medius have tirelessly nurtured the growth of the orphanage, and today, it stands as a sanctuary for 172 children.

Cogan Tumwesigye from the Orphanage of Hope in Uganda
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