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We have Started!!!!!!

Updated: Feb 17

I can't recall a time when watching men making concrete bricks becomes really captivating....or when a little building was made in a plans, no bureaucracy , no surveyors, no power tools ....just several men making with what little resources they have ...

In three words....It has Started......We have started building the Hope Education Centre .....a dedicated school for our 172 Orphans who live 3 minutes walk away at the Orphanage of Hope.

So with the kindness of Pastor Moses, who lent us a Brick maker for a month free of cost

and money donated by a small number of people plus a Street Stall in Oamaru that bought the equivalent of 155 bricks...... work has started on site....

First a small ( one day in the making ) house was built. Our security man will be on active patrol along with either Brutus or Tyson our security dogs during the night protecting our ever increasing number of bricks . It will safely house our Brick making machine after dark ....

The process of making bricks is very different that of the western world. For one thing there is no power ...but fortunately manpower is plentiful and affordable. With this method

approx. 140 concrete bricks can be made in a day. They are very heavy bricks ( each weighing 25 kgs) and the work in the heat is tiring.

and from the very humble machine comes this...... perfect building bricks ....all in a days work !!!! Can you help build our school ????? We need more people to buy a brick!!!!

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