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The concreting of all Seven classrooms is almost complete. A slight overrun in the cost but we are very happy with the result ....the children are very happy and very grateful.

As you can see in the photos , they are sitting behind their new or repaired desks and the new school year is in full swing. As I mentioned in a previous blog , our children are blessed to be in school being educated at school ends at age 22 . It is going to be a huge challenge on how we can integrate 172 children into meaningful work beyond school.

Also as orphans, they have no family connections or a home they can go to.

This area of Uganda is extremely poor and impoverished ...and the last thing we want as a charity is to let these beautiful children slip back into poverty. Having witnessed for myself so many young children on the streets in KAMPALA trying to make a few cents a day selling phone card top-ups and the like; is soul destroying but sadly a fact of life for many.

We were blessed by a dear friend from the United States of America ( Tammy ) who has today donated to the Orphanage again, and her kind donation will go towards supplying warm coats for some of the orphans. The last time they were given a coat was 3 years ago and these children wear them to bed as the temperatures are very cold.

Where the orphanage is located has an altitude of 6,000 feet and during 8 months of wet seasons the temperature drops dramatically.

Dalaine and I met Tammy and her daughter sitting waiting for a train at Levanto on the Italian Riviera on the 18th June 2015 and since then Tammy has not only financially supported the orphans , but has been following closely the blogs I regularly write.

We often marvel at this God appointed moment and the deep friendship that has developed from a " chance " meeting.

We are so blessed to have a small number of very loyal, very giving people with such kind hearts. Never did Dalaine and I think back on that day over 8 years ago that we would be running an Orphanage with the huge commitment of time and effort needed to keep children alive. The story would make a gripping movie.

Be Blessed


Love the little girl in the green top looking at teacher

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