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We Can't Stop The Rain But we can Stop It getting Inside!!!!

Protecting the children from the Wet and Cold while they spend hours a day learning in the classrooms has always been a huge priority we can say it is no longer an issue. It was the result of donations from four very special people who underwrote the cost to construct , paint , transport and install 14 windows, and seven doors.

Many of you probably have never seen such incredibly strong and elaborate doors used in a school.......they are built that way to stop people breaking in but also to allow light and air ventilation without glass which is incredibly expensive and easily broken.

As for colour.... Yellow....they certainly stand out and Ugandan People like bright colours.... besides Yellow forms one of the colours on the Ugandan flag and represents the Sun.

Our next much smaller capital expense is to buy matting ....the last matting has worn out . But not having rain driving in will certainly help our flooring last longer.

We also are looking for ideas to keep our little ones under 4 present they lie on the floor& have no toys to play with / learn from .

We have 50 childrer 4 !!!!..........

Thank You For Reading!!

Lindsay Walker

A little hard to show but for one man to carry those doors is quite a feat.

Doors and Windows open and doors can be locked at night.

The Children are like sponges they have a real thirst to learn...

The hole in the wall now has a bright yellow window.

Two Photos I took in June of last year 2022.

Completed !!! One day we maybe able to afford guttering .....when it rains everything moves to the lowest point.

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