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Wall Building and Lots of them!!!

Work is progressing at a extremely fast rate….so much so we have had to buy another 286 bags of cement….with a further 286 needed in mid August…in order to beat the September monsoonal rains. The photos shows the first of the 5 classrooms we are building. Very shortly the walls will be completed up to the top of the window levels. We will then need to remove the soil and concrete the floors of the classrooms as well as plastering, in order to make the classrooms water tight. Ideally it would be great to put the roof on …but that will depend on finance. Our resources are tiny….we desperately need more people on board…..

If you feel as passionate as we do ….can you share our website with your friends and family.

Things we need to buy urgently …..Bags of cement at $13 a bag……that would make a huge difference…..or maybe a sheet of Roofing Iron $25 a sheet ( 296 required )

Even nails…..we need $600 worth…..can anyone help ….remember every dollar donated builds a school…… we thank the very wonderful people who donate ….the Orphans are excited and are so grateful…..


Founder and Director.

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