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TREES .....BEES ....DISEASE.....

I want to tell of three small projects that we created at the Orphanage that has helped our orphans on an ongoing daily basis. In each case I would really love to see these expanded because they could be used to provide eventual employment opportunities when the Orphans will need to look at a future outside of our Orphanage of Hope.

Through a Kind Donation by LJ HOOKER REAL ESTATE and Stephen Robertson the Principal Agent , we bought approx. 8 acres of established Eucalyptus trees . Every day we need to cut trees in order to cook food , boil water ....and also to make charcoal that we use when the wood is wet ( which is about 7 months of the year in 2 wet seasons).

We need to replace the trees we cut down and plant these new plantings in September at the start of the next wet season. Each tree costs around $2 to purchase and plant....and we would like to plant 500 trees ....$1,000.....maybe this is something you as a reader of this blog would like to help with. We would also love for you to share with others our website ......

In time we would like to set up a small milling operation as timber is a very valuable resource and we would like to in the long term teach wood working and building skills to the orphans.

Another very valuable gift from 3 lovely kind donors were a total of 31 Bee Hives. The honey is incredibly valuable and helps keep some of our very sick orphans alive ( in particular our AIDS/ HIV children).

Honey is a valuable resource and a number of Orphans are being encouraged to learn the art of Bee keeping. This in turn will open new opportunities for their eventual employment. Each Bee Hive costs approx $50 to setup and establish ...we have the room for at least 50 more hives the same area as our tree plantation....

Disease is always an ongoing concern ....we have to be proactive in everything we do.

In the wet seasons (7 Plus months) we have a contend with Mosquitos ( Malaria and Africa Sleeping Sickness) This a biggie but it doesn't just stop there.....

In the current dry season where we have very hot weather often with wind ...that creates dust....and Dry Coughing and associated respiratory concerns.

We can access reusable cloth masks ....the washable type for less than $3 a mask....we would like to have 50 initially......that cost $150.

If you are reading this blog and regularly financially contribute THANK YOU SO MUCH

without your generous help we would not be able to support the 172 orphans.

But if you are new to the website ....and would love to help our small team of givers even on a one off basis.... please hit the donate button , or e mail me on

We are a unique Not For Profit Charity registered in New Zealand . EVERY DOLLAR donated reaches Uganda and is used exclusively in the welfare of orphans under our care.

We also have IRD Donation deductibility on all donations made through The Make My Name Count New Zealand Charitable Trust.

Be Blessed


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