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The Making of a very Strong School.

Very soon we will be showing you where each of your donated bricks will be positioned in the Hope Education Centre.

At the movement though what I can tell you is that on average 130 plus concrete bricks are being made each day. It is hard work...No concrete mixers all the sand, aggregate and cement must be mixed by hand. In addition all the water to make the bricks must be carried in jerrycans 3 kms from the bore....( 6 kms round trip) It is hard hard work.

We are also racing against time....we have until the end of March before we have to find our own brick making machine ( We will have to buy one and we don't have the money ) and from April we go into the wet season which adds considerably to our ability to make bricks.

We thank the wonderful small group of people who have so far contributed to the 1075 Concrete ( 25kg ) heavy bricks. We are on the charts but we certainly need more help.

Every $$$ reaches the project and every $$$ is going to build the Hope Education Centre...

Might look easy but the men start at 7am finish late afternoon... 26 degrees plus humidity.

Also the Orphanage is situated 6,500 feet above sea level.

The ingredients ...water in the Jerrycans, Cement , Sand and Aggregate about to be mixed by shovel.

Bricks drying in the sun. It takes less than 12 hours to dry...the track to the school from the main road is shown in the background.

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