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( Or more precisely what is the money donated by kind donors spent on…)

Every Dollar donated is spent in its entirety on absolutely essential orphan support.

As a fully accredited New Zealand Charity with additional IRD donee status , we are unique in that we guarantee the very best result possible …… with no deductions

This is a typical months support ….showing last Septembers remittance for the Orphanage. ( including essential planting of crops in the wet season) .

What it doesn’t show is that every month Dalaine and I have to make up a shortfall of several thousand dollars because the lack of supporters/ donors which is worrying as our finances are dwindling fast.

We would really appreciate help in finding 50 new commercial sponsors who could contribute $500 a month ….this would help in the following areas….

***** Partial perimeter fence replacement. (we constantly have robbers trying to enter)

***** Replace the roof on the second house ( critical $4,000 before September rain)

***** Replenish our tree plantation …essential timber supply.

***** Clothing replacement and school uniform ( Government requirement)

***** Replacement of bedding ….40 new mattresses required plus bedding

We look forward to hearing from you !

Lindsay Walker.

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