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Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day.

Life has become intolerable in our area of Uganda , with continuous rain stretching into weeks….this is a wet season but the rainfall has become excessive.

Power has been off for days on end and operating with so many children has been extremely difficult….we do have a generator but with so many days of rain we have run out of money to keep it going.

I couldn’t help thinking how blessed we are to be able to turn on our lights ….and tonight in New Zealand we are being asked to reduce power consumption as we have

( for the moment ) may possibly run out of power . We are being ask to refrain from using washing machines, dryers , recharge EV’s and phones.

But tomorrow after 9am I am certain, full power consumption will resume….not like in Kambale Uganda where power poles have been washed down rivers. The wet season means bad things for our orphans….at 6,500 feet above sea level it is cold….there is no heating …and having been there in the dry season and felt cool at nights , I shudder at the thought of what it must be like especially for the younger children in the wet season. Cold and wet weather brings illness and disease ….especially Malaria.

Our greatest need is

###### Money for petrol …..maybe $100 to get us through this difficult time.

###### We need 52 pairs of Gum Boots …..$11.00 a pair…..

###### We need the same number of warm coats these are for our (3 to 7 year olds)

If you are moved to help….here are the details……the Bold details is all that is required for our New Zealand readers…our international readers will require more details for a bank transfer of funds.

 Kiwi Bank New Zealand.

Swift Number   KIWI NZ 22 XXX

Access Code 746614


Account number 38-90240316596-00

Purpose of remittance . To support Orphans @ Orphanage of Hope Kabale Uganda..

We have full Charitable Accreditation in both New Zealand & Uganda (CC60000)

NZ Tax accreditation # 135-964-904.

Every dollar reaches the children to be used for their support and survival . We are proud that 99.996% of all donations are forward to the Orphanage of Hope.

All donations will be acknowledged and we will be incredibly grateful …

Lindsay & Dalaine Walker

Founders Make My Name Count New Zealand Charitable Trust.

This stream when I was there was less than 2 metres wide and less than 1/2 metre deep….it has effectively cut off the orphanage from the outside world…

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