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I am sure I am not alone when I say good riddance to 2022. Like many it was a year many of us would rather forget. However good things came from it which had a very positive impact at the Orphanage of Hope. Despite the huge ramifications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine , where grain prices and fuel and commodity prices went through the roof, Covid and Ebola outbreaks , floods and worst of all many deaths through starvation and family violence , life in general at the Orphanage has been orderly although challenging. We still have a continual stream of orphans being hospitalised due to mainly typhoid, malaria and Asthma complications…although one exception has been Cogan's wife Medius who had three teeth knocked out as well as other injuries when she crashed off the motorbike on route to Lake Bunyonyi to collect crops and work on the gardens. Earlier in the year Cogan did major damage to his ankle when another motorcycle crashed into him. For those who want to see unorganised chaos …plan a visit to Uganda‘s capital Kampala where up to 450,000 motor cycles roar around at break taking speed and agility.

But on rural roads and tracks the pot holes and corrugations are deadly.

Due to the wonderful generosity by so few, new clothes were purchased in June and each orphan is wearing either sandals or jandals as a kind gift for Christmas . ( We sadly had 42 who had neither previously).

The school is in the process of having its doors and windows made and installed ….a great bonus as children were freezing with wind and rain been driven inside. We are currently registering the school at national level which will mean we will have to buy a uniform and shoes next year. Because we are a self contained orphanage children

are able to be taught continuously without being effected by school shut downs. A major problem has been power cuts…currently there is one going on into the 10th day …caused by major flooding which has brought down and washed away many power poles. Each month we need to cover at least 27 different essential items without which the children would not survive. Without the support of our Registered Charity Make My Name Count New Zealand Trust (which is their only means of support ) …these children who have no family and parents would revert back to where many were found….in ditches, in bins , living in squalor. Having been to Uganda 3 times , I am just so grateful that the Orphanage of Hope is transforming the lives of these 172 beautiful children and is impacting the village community as it provides staff , products and services that allows these families to survive as well.

As a Not for Profit Charity we are proud that EVERY dollar donated reaches the children and is used for their total care and upkeep.This makes us very unique as we apply for special Charity Status with the New Zealand Government through the IRD early in new year.

Every dollar ( and there has been over $340,000 sent to our two project areas in Uganda has made a massive impact in the lives of so many.

May you be touched by what you read and be blessed by your response .



ACCOUNT NUMBER 38-9024-0316596-00

Please include your name and if you could drop me a line at so we can say thank you .

Kind Regards

Lindsay Walker Trust Chairman .

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