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When I created the Make My Name Count Website and Charity I wasn’t thinking

of just me. Making just my name count was never going to cut it ….i needed help and a lot of it.

Especially now more than ever before.

Last year over $100,000 was sent to our Orphanage of Hope and School in Kabale Uganda. It sounds a lot , but when you divide it by 172 orphans and then divide it by 365 days …it is really minisual.

Then divide that number by 56 …that is the number of items that the money pays for…

Maize flour, medicines, wages ,books and pencils , mosquito spray, fuel, power and water, hospitalisations, cleaning and sanitation products ..the list goes on and on ….

On top we need to buy Foot-ware and clothes…the Orphans have very little of both…and then there is the food that we need to plant in the 8 months of wet seasons ..which involves labour costs…and then there are the unexpected things …we have 4 high needs HIV orphans who need special medications and blood transfusions.

Having been to the Orphanage and seen first hand the incredible change in these little and not so little children I can tell you EVERY dollar donated makes a huge difference …and every dollar donated reaches the children. Not many charities and NFP ‘s can say that.

So what do I need for YOUR name to count.

100 additional donors willing to regularly give a $2 Gold coin donation a day.

Don’t think of the $60 a month and what you are missing out on…think of the mouths you are helping to feed, the health care , the schooling and the overall well being of these precious children.

And if you are in New Zealand and file tax returns ….to .the IRD ….30% of your donation is given back to you.

Any donation is gratefully accepted …we are so thankful that you would want to care.

Please refer to the donations section, and if you want to make contact with us …simply drop me an e mail at

Blessings and thank you for reading

Lindsay & Dalaine Walker.


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