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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Imagine your power suddenly goes off. There is complete darkness , it’s in the middle of the night and chances are power will not be restored for days maybe weeks.

Add to that it is pouring with rain. Severe flooding has been predicted .It is possible the flooding could get so bad that water could even enter the buildings where many of the younger orphans are crying ….some are unwell , some even needing to go to the outside toilet ….some maybe to hospital ….

This is not make believe …this is real life and sadly it happens at our Orphanage of Hope on a regular basis. With the rain comes cold and with cold comes disease and increased hardship. As a result of a speaking engagement we were blessed with a kind generation of money to purchase a petrol powered generator that will be a huge asset during these power outages. So to the wonderful ladies of the Trinity Church Fellowship in Temuka South Canterbury ….a beautiful church only 200 metres from our house ……..Thank You So So Much .🥰🙏🏽😊 Like all donations received every dollar reaches the children , and in addition we were able to build a small secure hut to keep the generator plus petrol .

in Cogans latest daily message to me he wrote…..

The Generator is helping us all these two days electricity have been off we have been using generator.please thanks so much for giving us lights.

There is so much more we can do ….all it takes are many kind people giving a little act of kindest…. You our readers might be that very person.

Be Blessed

Lindsay and Dalaine.

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