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Caring for the well-being of 172 orphan's takes not only a lot of financial support but also we need to care for them medically and spiritually. As a Christian based institution it is essential these beautiful children are taught biblical truths and have strong morals and principles for their eventual “ release “ into the wider world. We have potentially some of Uganda‘s future leaders, medical and education innovators but most importantly we want them to have the absolute assurance of Salvation through accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their savour. Merely feeding children for a long period of time is admirable , educating them is preferable but spiritual wellbeing for their lives beyond this world is absolutely essential.

Because of that we currently have two trained bible teachers who have time with the children once during the week , and once on Sunday where it is logistically impossible to get so many children to church .

As you can see these little children are beautiful and we take all aspects of their welfare and well being very seriously. The above photo shows them getting a Tetanus injection.

Our health program would be greatly enhanced with donations ….even the common cold and influenza can have disastrous effects especially when it is so cold during 7 + months of heavy rain.( at 6,500 feet above sea level) . With Christmas only 47 days (or less ) it would be great to have your help in making Christmas 2023 truly memorable…

Lindsay Walker

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