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How World Issues Effect The Poor and Defenceless.

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Life can be incredibly hard in lands where life itself is a survival of the fittest.

It doesn’t discriminate in its brutality : for the sick , the elderly and children such as orphans , whose life has been torn like a piece of frail fabric….ripped from top to bottom, side to side .

There are seldom opportunities for Government intervention , simply because either the Government doesn’t have the resources, or the problem is too over whelming.

Often it is the case of Government corruption where money and commodities that have been gifted are misappropriated. (Stolen).

The saddest historical reflection is that Uganda was once referred to as the Food Basket of Africa, yet poverty still prevails, life appears to be incredible hard and early death taken as a fait accompli when it shouldn’t be.

The rain still comes down in similar amounts to 40 years ago , the incredibly fertile soils that produce 2 or maybe 3 crops a year….are still very much productive .…

More people are dying of starvation and malnutrition than the effects of the Covid Pandemic.

The war in Ukraine is effecting commodity prices …..the cost of buying bean seeds for example have increased some 300% on last growing season prices. 1800 to 6000 UGSH a kilogram.

We are so blessed for a number of things that have happened in the last month..

We had to relinquish land that we had leased for the last two years . This was going to be a real problem as we didn’t have money to pay for a new lease , but Medius mother very generously paid for a lease on nearby land for the next 12 months.

Medius on top of everything else she has to do at the Orphanage , then proceeded to hand dig single handed the entire land……some 2 acres in size !!! ( photo below)

We also saved enough bean seeds from last season and our valuable goat manure and fertiliser means our crops will flourish.

Sadly many poor people don’t have the same luxuries , including being able to afford to buy seeds, manure and fertiliser. So the crops fail and the old , the young and the vulnerable die….often in tragic circumstances.

The 172 children we support , the staff that do an amazing job to give our orphans hope for the future , Cogan and Medius who take no drawings from the endless work they do often under extreme conditions ….are so grateful for the 100% financial support by people who support our Charity Make My Name Count from the other side of the world …..we can’t save the starving millions but we can save 172 of the most vulnerable children in this incredibly beautiful country of Uganda .

Lindsay Walker

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