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One of the standout impressions and observations of my June 2022 visit to Uganda

(and my first to Kabale and the Orphanage of Hope) was how different the climate was in Kabale to the rest of Uganda.

It reminded me of the West Coast of New Zealand...wet , often misty and cold.

Kabale is surrounded by hills ( called mountains in Uganda) the reason for the naming of the Mountain Gorillas that live close by ...and is at at an altitude of 6,500 feet.

Often in the Wet seasons ( which take up 7 or even 8 months of the year ) torrential rain drops the temperature and of course presents an even larger problem...keeping 172 vulnerable children warm and dry.

Because of our tiny funding base.....and the priorities of providing food by cropping the land we lease...replacing children's clothes has been put on hold ...but now it is absolutely critical.

We need in Cogan's words..." Wool Jackets, Trousers , Tee Shirts and Skirts "

The total cost is. NZD $1056.44 ... a little over $6 per child. These clothes come in 3 large bales are second hand and it is a case of finding " clothes that fit "

The children have literally only the clothes they stand in...and they are now ripped from being worn continuously.

Can you please help....the joy on the children faces will warm your heart!!

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