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While a lot of my most recent blogs have shown progress on building a school (which is the number one priority ) ….we have several other news up dates to share with you. Because of the generosity of three very kind people we were able to purchase a total of

31 bee hives…..all full of bees…..which as we all know if cared and looked after produces HONEY….in our case all 112 kgs of it.!!!! This is an outstanding result with more to come.

It has always been my intention to in time develop “ cottage style “ industries….that will

provide not only a vital food source for the orphans…..but also income and work for them once they grow up. Once the school is built we want to have ( on our new land) a total of 100 beehives and Bee Keeping and Bee Husbandry will be part of a life skills program taught at the school. The photo shows in the dark uniform one of our very keen to learn Orphans helping to extract honey.

Maybe this Christmas you would like to gift a Bee hive full of Bees …….It costs only $30.00…. A great project for children more fortunate to enact with….start saving now….it’s only $6 a month!!!

Thank you for reading ……

Lindsay Walker

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