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We are very grateful for the very kind and timely gift of money from our friends Lanie and John, which enabled the reroofing and painting of our number 2 house at the Orphanage of Hope.

You may remember a previous blog I wrote which told of the dire living conditions for 30 of our young boys, leaking roof and wet mattresses ... well this will now be a thing of the past and we have very excited boys who will enjoy sleeping in their new room.

Before you think it is opulent .....the area is the size of a small kitchen and they sleep on a concrete floor with the only air circulation coming through a single door.

It would be wonderful to think maybe in the future something more purpose built could be constructed with actual bunks , windows etc but this is a great result and we are so grateful ..... so some pictures.....I will up date when the painters finish the work in the next couple of weeks....just before the wet season .....

For the builders among our readers , note size of the roof beams ...they are just thin poles....but hey this is how they do it in Uganda ....... to see three men standing on those poles gives me the health and safety standards .....

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