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I guess If I asked a dozen different people to name a holiday destination they would love to go back to ....there would be 12 different countries mentioned and 12 different reasons for wanting to return. My favourites would have to be Spain, Greek Islands and Tuscany ( Italy) ...but the one on my heart as a need not a want that keeps drawing me back is to return to my beloved UGANDA.

It doesn't have stunning buildings, sandy beaches, pristine crystal clear waters, a huge choice of entertainment ....instead it has dust, huge pot holes in the roads, organised chaos but when you get into the rural areas away from the hustle bustle of the city...the people ....especially the young children will melt your hearts. 

22 June 2020 was when with tickets booked and paid for , was meant to be when I would have travelled to Uganda , especially to meet Cogan and Medius for the first time at the Orphanage we had established in January 2019. COVID 19 put a cruel stop to those plans however my third visit was completed in early June 2022 almost 2 years to the day later visit #3 was completed.

We have really struggled with keeping our 172 children alive through both Covid and the crippling effects of rising food prices caused by the war in Ukraine.

Not only has it effected the Orphanage , it has had huge implications at the Kakuuto Community Bakehouse especially with the escalation of the price of wheat flour. People in 3rd world countries do not have the luxury of Government assistance, and poor people who rely on bread as their food source can't pay 300% more for their bread.

So in the next couple of months I need to get VERY PRO ACTIVE.....and I have listed what needs to happen to save lives.

We URGENTLY require an additional 183 people donating a $2 coin a day....which allows children with absolutely nothing that they own to be fed, clothed, schooled provided with medicine ( 4 have full blown AIDS) in fact be given a future .....

We URGENTLY need either a gift or loan (in part or in full ) of NZD $33,836 / or

AUD $30,836. or USD $20,891 which would give us the capital to buy 1 months supplies of all the ingredients to make bread at one time . Suppliers are giving discounts and free transportation for "cash up front" which means smaller bakeries like ours is not competitive.

Make My Name Count is a fully accredited , registered not for profit charity in NZ .

We maybe the only charity in the world that guarantees every dollar donated reaches the children / and the specified need with no deductions whatsoever for administration costs.We don't have staff on salaries, offices , or any expensive " toys" .....the photos are 100%

genuine .

If you can help in any way , or know of friends / family of people who can help.....please e mail me

I hate pleading for money but this is a life or death situation.......

Our Orphanage School is fully functional ( 7 classrooms) . The paperwork for the Orphanage and school has been ongoing and should be completed by Christmas.

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