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Updated: May 22, 2021

In the last two posts I have shown the kitchen used to prepare food for our Orphanage of after it had been destroyed in a storm and the last blog where Medius our wonderful mother to the 172 orphans ( and wife of Pastor Cogan) had to endure great hardship in all weathers in a structure that was totally beyond belief....

Now as you can see MEDIUS IS EXTREMELY happy , is protected from the rain and wind

.........she is so thankful to all that helped to make this possible.

By Western standards it is incredibly basic however it is fit for purpose.

We have so much more to do.....maybe you would like to donate so we can make more bricks for our school....also desperately required. 41,800 bricks have been made .....57,000 is the total we require to complete....or maybe to help fund the purchase of mosquito nets , clothes for the orphans ( they have so little) or maybe one of the many other monthly essentials.....

Sacrificing a coffee or two a week will keep children alive and give them a future ....

Be blessed

Lindsay Walker

Founder Orphanage of Hope & Make My Name Count Not For Profit Charity.

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