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And now it is almost the end of 2023!!

This year has been a challenge almost like no other.. and the world has been impacted by events whether it be War (s) , Flooding, earthquakes , fires , drought and many other calamities. At our Orphanage of Hope there have been challenges and blessings.

Cogan was hospitalised and still has ongoing health issues, Medius gave birth to a beautiful little boy Ezra , Trinity Presbyterian Church in Temuka funded an absolutely essential power generator, our dear friends Lanie and John blessed us with money to reroof the boys house as well as to purchase and plant 1400 trees to replace the ones that are needed to provide cooking fuel for the orphans to have food prepared..and the list goes on.

Our funding base is tiny ….15 people give the necessary funding of approx $7,000 that buys the essentials to keep our 172 orphans alive. This ranges from $30 a month to a single sponsor giving $4,000 a month.Every dollar is critical and 100% of the money donated reaches the children and is used wisely and prudently for the best possible outcomes. If any of these wonderful people were to pull out the Orphanage and School would collapse ..and Dalaine and I made a pledge to God we would never allow this to happen.

Another thing we wanted to do was to honour God by giving them access to his word and with the generosity of our own tiny church Timaru Bible Baptist Church where Dalaine and I attend as members ; have this week given to each child their very own Bible.

Considering they have no processions apart from the clothes they wear and the school exercise books they write in , having their own Bible in their own rukinga-runyakore language is something that we have always wanted to provide….we would have failed these children if all our focus was to keep them alive without giving them the hope and promise of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

Whilst they are cocooned to a certain extent in a walled school and Orphanage environment I was only reminded just recently of how vulnerable orphans are

when an attempt was made to kidnap several of our infants so that they could be used in a Voodoo child sacrifice slaying ceremony less than 2kms away.

These children love God and know God. They are well taught from Christian teachers and the Bibles are the King James Standard version and the Children’s Bibles have been carefully perused to ensure the contents are genuine .

So as we draw close to the end of an eventful year we thank you for reading these blogs and viewing the website .We suggest you hit the subscribe tab that will ensure every time I write something you will get a copy instantly.

( We apologise if this hasn’t happened in the past. )

We look forward to being apart of your life in 2024…

Lindsay and Dalaine Walker.

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