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A wonderful Intergenerational Legacy

Brian and Linda Sloan are friends of many years ...and sadly last week Brian passed away. They have been incredible supporters of the the Orphanage Of Hope sponsoring orphans as well as buying bricks and other absolute essentials to keep our precious orphans alive.

Brian and I worked together ( last century ) ...I won't say exactly when... for the same company... Dalgety NZ Ltd... Brian in Administration and I was in Travel.

With Brian's passing it was an instant decision of mine to honour him by naming the proposed Administration Office at the Hope Education Centre The Brian Sloan Memorial Administration Block and we invite all friends of Brian ( and in fact people of the world ) to buy a brick (or bricks) to make this happen.

We are a tiny organisation yet we marvel at how God has touched many hearts to come alongside us and help these incredibly loving , kind , respectful and appreciate people in South Western Uganda in one of the worlds most impoverished regions.

Lindsay Walker.

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