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Updated: May 28, 2021

As you will see in the last blog , the only kitchen at the Orphanage finally succumbed to the weather and we were in desperate need to replace it .....and fast.

Well these pictures show the result of generosity from our small number of supporters and together a new kitchen was made .....we will shortly post Medius using it for the first time to make meals for our172 orphans .....thank you so much to those who helped.

Would you like to donate.......each month we have to find between $8500 and $10,500 to

keep the Orphanage of Hope running on the very barest of essentials well as to find money to make an absolutely critical school ....simply look out for the donate button...

We have also planted additional food crops for the first time in the Hope Garden.....

Cabbages, Lettuce, Spinach, Silver Beet, Capsicum, Broccoli , Zucchini ,Tomatoes and Carrots. This in addition to our main crops of Sorghum, Climbing Beans, Irish Potatoes Peas and Yams.

Help buy a brick, buy some beans !!!! ...Maybe clothes....they only have 2 pairs of clothes per child ......there are so many ways you can help us .... Every dollar counts........and every dollar reaches the children....there are no costs that you pay for .....I do that as I am so convicted having seen poverty in this area ..and we are the only other for profit charity that that can claim that....

Thank you so much in anticipation .....

Lindsay Walker. Director and Founder of the Orphanage of Hope.

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