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Almost exactly 5 years ago , completely out of the blue Dalaine and I responded to a plea to come to the rescue of a large number of orphans living in squalor in South West Uganda at a place called Lake Bunyongi . It was 10 hours drive from an area where we had set up a Bakehouse , built a home for a family of a child Harriet who we have supported for almost 20 years and where we helped and connected with many people in the tiny settlement of Kakuuto.

From small beginnings much has happened at the now Orphanage of Hope , some incredible highs and several lows... the building of a Seven Classroom school, the leasing of land to grow crops for the 172 orphans, the purchase of a plantation of trees , the addition of an additional house, purchasing goats, hens, bees and much more.

In extremely difficult times came illnesses ,hospitalisations, droughts , floods , rat infestations , thieves, COVID , huge rising in costs caused by wars , declining value of currency and many other challenges.

There have been times of frustration and stress when the funding just wasn’t available to keep our orphans alive but God has always stood beside , in front and behind us, creating miracles along the way.

There are 39 recent blogs on this website and I have compiled a PDF file of a cross section of photographs which I am very happy to send to those who are interested.

We would like to thank you so much to the small number of supporters/ donors who have stood by the work we are doing to change lives ….and believe me lives are being changed for the good of these beautiful but vulnerable children.

As we draw close to Christmas we ask you to consider how different our lives are compared to our orphans ….having seen it first hand last year I can tell you it is incredibly different ( and difficult) !!!!

Lindsay Walker.

Founder MMNC Charitable Trust


Address 4 Wilmshurst Road

Temuka 7920

South Canterbury.

E mail

NZ Charity Status CC66000

Donation Status NZ IRD Approved March 2023

Bank Account The Make My Name Count NZ Charitable Trust 38 -9024-0316596-00

A small number of the Orphans going to the local Christian Pentecostal Church.... because of limited seating only about 45% could attend....( dressed in their school uniforms)

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