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We are so blessed to have kind hearted readers , followers and supporters , and even though our donees are small in number , they respond when the need is great.

Last blog told of the dire need for gum boots , jackets for our very young orphans … plus a little amount of money needed to buy Petrol for the emergency power generator.

When power goes down due to flooding in Uganda it is not just a simple matter of climbing a power pole and restoring power. The power pole and the power lines are probably either at the bottom of the river or are floating in a field some 20 kms downstream to where they originally stood. In the last case power “was off “ for over 2 weeks….and living in total darkness with 172 children is something we in the western world would greatly struggle with.

I am pleased to report that power is “ back on” and in the case of gum boots and coats , 52 pairs of gun boots were purchased for the little children as well as jackets, for the most needy.

I am also pleased with the quality of the gumboots ..the quality of the standard shoes and sandals are not so great ….and they wear out rapidly. We are replacing the older children’s footwear as we are able ….not easy when cost of living and exchange rates are definitely not in our favour.

At the moment the wet season is not so pronounced , there is rain , which comes at night rather than the 24 hours a day ,heavy non stop variety.

Whilst it is a relief from flooding, illnesses etc, the dry season isn’t really a time to look forward to ….mainly because it gets very hot , dry , windy ……which creates dusty unpleasant living conditions which effects many of the children who have breathing difficulties.

In the close to 5 years since the start of our involvement of keeping orphaned children alive , never did I realise , appreciate or understand the incredible commitment it takes to keep an orphanage and school operating in a remote and impoverished part of Uganda.

Without your support , prayers and encouragement this would have been too much to bare, but I know that little lives are being changed immeasurably and for that we say again….THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️🥰😘🙏🏽👍🏻👏🏻

Lindsay Walker May 29th .

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