We invested in a small solar power unit that would give Harriet and her family light in their home. This allowed Harriet's family of 11 people to function a lot easier, and enabled Harriet to study on the long, dark nights.


Harriet and her home is a new beacon of light, seen for many miles around. In time, with these initiatives, we will light more homes; and with light comes hope. 







Harriet is one of the most appreciative, respectful young ladies you will meet.

Life is demanding. She lives with her extended family in a tiny mud hut with a thatched grass roof, on a flood plain where farmers earn about $8 per month. 

During the rainy seasons, the tracks to Harriet's home become impassable. There is no power. To fetch water, they must walk many miles.
Harriets family have a piece of land on higher ground, closer to the village. However, they don't have the finance or resource to build a house. Celebrate Hope Ministries have helped many other Ugandan families into new houses, and are willing to assist with this project. 









 In Kakuuto, Uganda, the current bakehouse kiln could produce 1000 loaves a day that will feed 30,000 people! We need help to build a workable bakehouse structure with better equipment and resources to educate the bakers. We have a quote for a mixer costing NZ$5087 and a slicer costing NZ$1400. We would also like to provide baking apprenticeships, scholarships and nutritional training. 







With Lindsay and Dalaine's trip to visit the Bakehouse in April 2018, they saw the great benefit of the bakehouse on the employees, village and surrounding community. Demand is high, so much so that a few key pieces of equipment are needed to take advantage of the return, with all profits going back into the community.

Specific equipment needed is a moulder and cutter to ensure cakes are the correct size and there is less waste. And a large truck to deliver bread to markets as far as the capital of Kampala ... the van we have will be used closer to home.


The truck and moulder/cutter will cost NZ$52,000. Please consider donating, or if you have contacts in the bakery/transport industry, please put us in touch!



You can read of the tragedy in Kakuuto in April 2018 here. A school girl was raped and murdered on her way to Kakuuto Christian Primary School and now parents fear to allow their own children to walk to school. Gifting a bus to the school would help immensely. The school has sourced a bus - sufficient enough to transport the children. The cost is $30,000 plus we would like to provide money for the first 6 months of running costs. You can give directly into our account, by paypal or in NZ by our givealittle page.


We're wanting to raise a total of $33,600 to buy this bus. We'd love to throw in some vital school equipment costing $8,000 too.



As well as build a house for Harriet, we gave the family money to develop a small farm to provide income which was a huge success. On returning to Kakuuto in April 2018, we were able to run a workshop on business strategy and offer more people a business loan. Called ENTCAS or Entrepreneurial Capital Scheme, recipients from the workshop fill out a detailed application form and with the guidance of Kakuuto Pastor Stephen are required to provide quarterly reports before the loan is repaid and distributed to another applicant. The first loan was given to Josee after visiting her in Rwanda. Three more loans have been given to Alexander (Pig Farming), Gertrude (Hen Farming) and Peter (Bee-Keeping). If you would like to give to this cause to encourage and support a family rise from poverty, please contact us. All donations go directly to the recipient.

$2,000 (or approximately $200 per loan) to see a family have a chance to set themselves up with rewarding small business


Keep your clients up to date with what’s happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  



Keep your clients up to date with what’s happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  


Keep your clients up to date with what’s happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  


Keep your clients up to date with what’s happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  



Kakuuto Church is a meeting point for the community. It is the "hub" of everything that happens ... the school, bakehouse, Compassion children's project, outreach and evangelism. The old church is dangerous and hopelessly inadequate, Sunday services are often crammed to the rafters on the inside with even more people trying to listen from outside. The leadership has had plans made for a new church and the local people have dug and filled the foundations. It will cost about US$ 150,000 and make an immeasurable difference to the faithful leaders and community. Lets work together to make this dream a reality!


Our largest project to date, we are needing to raise $205,000 to complete this project. Churches are encouraged to 'buy a chair' @ $200 and individuals to 'buy a brick' @$10. Pledge today, once the cost is met, we will transfer all money together.



Orphanage of Hope is in much need. This project was brought to our attention by a friend in NZ, and whilst a five hour drive from Kakuuto, we have it on our heart to help where we can.

There are obviously some essential survival and health needs that need to be met first - proper bedding and mosquito nets to prevent malaria. Further down the track, we'd like to concentrate on ENTCAS loans so that this orphanage can support itself. 
The photo of 7 children sharing a mattress may look cute but it is a disaster waiting to happen with spread of infection especially flu and malaria. All the children's immune systems has been compromised with the effects of AIDS.
These children for the moment are living by the skin of their teeth, we'd appreciate your help to make a difference in their lives. Buy some bedding now or contact us with how you can help. Subscribe to our blog for updates.


Current ways to donate:

New Bed               NZ$20
Mattress (6inches)NZ$40
Mattress (5inches)NZ$30
Mattress (3inches)NZ$22 
New Sheets          NZ$20
Blankets                NZ$10

or give a child a good nights sleep - buy the whole package for one child @ NZ$80

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