In contrast to the severe living conditions are the beautiful people of Kakuuto. Kind, hardworking, respectful people.


Their past has seen a whole generation wiped out due to AIDS and civil war, the average age is just 15. Still, they are a community hopeful and determined to see change for the generations to come.

You'll find Kakuuto in the South West region of Uganda, Central Africa. You'll also find that its one of the most severly impoverished areas of the world, living conditions are horrendous.


Kakuuto lies on a swamp plain which is often flooded with several feet of water. Roads are impassible and the mud and grass hut homes are compromised. Disease spreads quickly and wild animals abound looking to escape the water.


There is often no escape.

We started supporting Orphanage of Hope in Kabale, Southern Uganda in 2018. A different need has arisen for children who are often abandoned due to ill-health of their parents. Disease spreads due to the poor living conditions of looking after so many children in a small space.





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