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What a difference Kelly has made!

We have a wonderful lady who has gifted every week for a number of months now the cost to buy a mattress to help the children on average sleep 4 hours longer at night, as well as curtail disease and infection.

When we became aware of the perilous state of the then named Dees Project last October, I was determined to reduce the number of children from 7 sleeping on a single mattress to at least half that number in 8 months - with the ultimate aim being one mattress per child by Christmas 2020 or earlier.

We have bought 57 mattress packages to date - (which includes a new pillow, sheet, blanket, pillowcase and a waterproof mattress protector).

Can you be a Kelly? She is exceptional and we are so grateful to her ... but a single mattress package costs $80 NZD ... can you please help???


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