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Update on our Orphans during Covid-19

Updated: Apr 30

You may remember from my previous blog, I told you of the hardships being endured in Uganda since the Covid 19 virus closed the nation. Most worrying is the escalation of both the violence and starvation on an already impoverished nation recognised as one of the poorest in sub-Saharian Africa. Unlike many countries around the world being similarly effected, life in Uganda has assumed Martial Law which is - i'f you don't stay locked up in your homes you will be shot ... knee capped or shot dead'. Weeks on, life has continued to be extremely difficult and dangerous with a number of deaths, a number from being shot and a larger number from starvation.

Cogan with the bug spray to attack Malaria bearing mosquitoes ....10 at a time

In addition to what has been the most horrific time imaginable, there has been days of extremely heavy rain fall resulting in the neighbouring Rwandan Government (without warning) opening the flood gates on a dam that has caused the only bridge between the main road linking the Orphanage and Kabale township to be destroyed. It has also meant that our 5 acres of vegetables and potatoes are isolated on the other side of the river and it is likely to be some time before a replacement bridge is in place. Prices are rising over 50 percent for maize flour, and beans are getting harder to obtain.

Photo One: Flooding... looking to see where the bridge went Photo Two: Cogan with a bag of Maize flour: each 100kg bag lasts a week

I am in almost non-stop contact with Ps Cogan and these are his words from today ... "Family violence has increased in Kabale (population 45,000) and surrounding district every day. Men and women are killing each other. The causes are much drinking of alcohol, drug abuse and lack of food. Power has been turned off because of too much rain."

The amazing "Great Wall" - and great builders too!

I thank everyone who are helping keep 172 children alive. We are barely keeping ahead of the very fine line between success and that horrible word failure ... something that must never happen. If you can help in anyway no matter how small it would be REALLY appreciated. In addition to medical and food supplies that are ongoing, we are needing to build two sections of brick fences: the current one 45 metres long the other 33 metres long. Each fence is costing about $1200 NZD (USD 1,000) to build that would prevent orphans being kidnapped/ harmed as well as our assets (chickens, beans and flour etc) being stolen. As a very young Boy Scout/ Cub I remember a fundraiser to build a Scout headquarters building. It is still used today over 60 years later. We used to go around knocking door to door asking people if they want to donate the cost of one brick ...what I would love you to do is to consider the cost of one block (or more if you feel inclined): say at $5 a brick. New Zealand readers can send via the Kiwi Bank account overseas supporters through Pay Pal (it costs us in fees).

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See more on our website: https://www.makemynamecount.org/donate

Thank you so much ....and especially Joy and Tammy, Kelly, Hillary, Jocelyn, and Neil, Vicky and everyone else I may have missed. We understand that many people have challenges of their own at this time. Together your efforts are making an amazing difference in these incredibly hard times, both near and far.


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