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Three priorities

Kabale, South Western Uganda  is one of the most impoverished regions in the world and the needs are immense. However great progress is being made but I need your help in several areas to continue to make a massive difference. These are the three priorities:

Five Door - Five Hole Toilet Block Currently we have one toilet for 172 Orphans and 10 Adults! We need desperately to come up with close to $4300 . Work has started but we still need $3200 .....Can you help??? Every time you go to the toilet give thanks that you have a luxurious flush toilet....Maybe a $1 coin donation every time you flush for a week would show your gratitude as well as make a huge difference in the OOH.

Photos show an 8 metre deep hole (dug by hand). A huge amount of work and skills to make this toilet which I am told will last a very long time.

New Kitchen Thinking you need to modernise / upgrade your kitchen???  This is what happens at the OOH when meals need to be prepared. It is disgraceful and we want to stop children getting burnt. Also when it rains (and it does during the 8 months of wet season) life becomes even more unbearable. $1500 will build a brick building with a proper raised brick BBQ and a water tight roof.

The photo below shows the kitchen where all food is prepared. It is dangerous and is totally inadequate to prepare food for so many children.

Security Fence We have created a secure environment for the Orphanage except for I am told 43 metres of old fencing that lets intruders in. Children's lives are at risk along with the livestock (93 hens, 4 rabbits and 2 goats) that are inside the grounds. Every 2 or three nights attempts are made to break in .....we need to build that wall!!!! Cost to complete $2450.00

This is the fence we need to build to a height of 3 metres to keep all the baddies out!!

Sadly there are a lot of them...the old fence has a lot of holes ( and is easily climbed ) .....and we will not rest until we can absolutely guarantee the Orphans safety.

Please share with family, friends , neighbours, work colleagues .....be excited because you are a part of this project. Every single dollar donated reaches the target it was intended for -with no cost deductions. Lindsay Walker Director Orphanage of Hope Kabale, Uganda


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