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Recent Happening at Orphanage of Hope

There have been a number of new initiatives undertaken recently thanks to the generosity of both House of Breakthrough Oamaru Church members and friends outside of the church through our charity Make My Name Count.

Within the child sponsorship programme, we were also able to include the purchase of 3 beehives (full of bees) which I am told will each produce 1.5kgs honey on a regular basis. The local seller of the hives also gave (free of charge) the protective equipment and tools (smoker etc) which was very much appreciated and was a tremendous blessing. Because of the low cost of the purchase we may be able to expand this little operation so honey could be sold in the future which will give a self-supporting income stream.

We also purchased for a motor bike for Ps Cogan. They are very reasonably priced (it is brand new) and in the past he has had a hire a motor bike to take orphans during the night to hospital. It has also meant we now do not face the risk of losing close to 7 hectares of crops that would have rotted in the ground due the continuing heavy lock down restrictions of Covid 19. The motor cycle will allow for the continual transportation of food from our 2 gardens beside Lake Bunyonyi.

Because of mass over crowding in the two buildings in the OOH compound, an opportunity came for us to purchase a piece of land with a small house on it which is very close to the orphanage. Through the generosity of church members the settlement went through on Thursday and very soon you will see a great transformation. It will enable 52 children to live in the house. We are also wanting to extend the size of the house to use the extension as a recovery area for orphans who have ongoing medical conditions such as Malaria, Typhoid and other life threatening conditions.

Finally we still have many children who would benefit from a $1/day suppor. Maybe you have friends or family that can help? Believe me it makes a huge difference!

Thank you so much for your generosity, prayers and encouragement. Lindsay and Dalaine

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