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Politician visits Hope Orphanage

They say all publicity is good publicity as they remember to spell your name correctly ... well in this case it was to make sure when a political candidate calls to give books to the orphans (in addition to the books that we had sent in May) ... that the accompanying Radio Stations and TV Networks give us a mention along the way.

Well that certainly happened when Mpirirwe Simpson visited ... I am told he is a very fine Christian man and a friend of Cogan's and that his intentions were honourable.

New school supplies for Hope Orphanage

It does mean we now have a good supply of books at the Hope Education Centre for the next couple of terms so we can channel funding into other essential areas ... plus they made many mentions I am told - so much so that many people called the OOH to say how much they appreciated the work being done by the good people of New Zealand along with our friends from other parts of the world!

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