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New school coming soon with help from Waimate School!

Life has been pretty hectic with a number of major very positive developments. A large block of land became available for sale which was just too good to turn away, so Pastor Cogan and myself have purchased the land with the view to eventually build a purpose built school that will mean we won't have to teach 120 plus orphans literally in two domatory rooms at the Orphanage of Hope.

The land has very good water - both bore water and the all important government water supply, so to hook-up will be a much easier proposition to extend it to the Orphanage. In the meantime we can harvest and cultivate the Bananas (approx 100 trees) as well as prepare the land for the next season planting that starts in September, the first month of the wet season. Being only 2 minutes walk from the Orphanage has huge time benefits.

The sellers of the land have been very honouring to allow us to use the land before the final amount of the purchase is paid by us in October- $5,000. The time frame was perfect and it has certainly been God's timing as we were gifted last season the free use for a year of a plot of land by a very nice local Pastor, but that had come to an end exactly at the same time this sale came available. All the legal documents have been signed and the property registered.

As an additional bonus the Ugandan Government have gifted an area right beside the road as a playground area for the children to play, as well as being held for the community to hold public meetings.

The government have gifted this land for a playground for the children

The Fundraising commences ...

Just last week, these Year 6 students at Waimate Main School spent a morning making Wheat Bags with the help of volunteers from Connect Church and Inner Wheel. What amazing work they did! The Wheat Bags are now for sale through their school. Every single cent from the sales of these magnificent wheat bags will go towards building a school on the land that we purchased 300 metres from Orphanage of Hope. What a legacy these wheat bags have created - from dry wheat to something that will be living and vibrant!

So please watch this space....and if you would like to start donating a mud brick for the construction of the school ...each brick costs 16 cents to make ... we believe we could make a seven classroom school for less than NZ$10,000. Or perhaps you have a fundraising idea similar to Waimate Primary School's - we can all help to make a difference and build a school together!

It won't happen until we return to Uganda in 2021... but to have that money put aside for that time would be fantastic.

Blessings to you all

Lindsay and Dalaine

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