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Christmas Day 2020 Orphanage off Hope Style!

Never have I seen children so excited and so looking forward to their Christmas Day Meal.

It was like we had not feed them on the previous 364 days!! ( which we had of course!!! )

For 172 children to stand in line and patiently wait for their plate to be filled , giving thanks to God ( they are Christians) and the people who donated through the $1 a day sponsorship program is humbling and so unlike the mad scramble to unwrap expensive gifts is seen throughout the Western World. There were no gifts....just a single plate of basic food.....but each child appreciated that they are alive , and unlike many who sadly outside the orphanage are starving to death....they are cared for, loved and for once in their life have a future. We still have 20 children to yet to be "sponsored" our aim (among many other things)

is to have 100% achieved by next Christmas at the very latest. Maybe you will be that person we are looking for....

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