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Another success story for the Orphange of Hope

Several months ago I was invited to come to talk to a young people's group at Glenavy, a small rural community best known for its close proximity to the mighty Waitaki River, one of New Zealand finest braided rivers and home to many large trout and salmon.

I had several weeks previously spoken at a church service and had been asked to return to speak to their Youth Group.

They were amazing ... attentive and really appeared captivated about the progress that we had made and were super keen to help ... out of which MMNC received $200 which they asked to go toward a bed package and crops for the garden. We say thank you so much we know the effort it took to raise that money!!!!!

That in itself was a real blessing, but after the meeting we were approached by a family who wanted to really make a difference ...and they gave in total $2,500 that has built a superb hen enclosure including very strong steel doors and paddlocks, grain feed and an additional number of hens ... making 93 hens in total.

This was an awesome gesture and will help as we build towards the target of one egg a day for our 180 orphans. We are so thankful, and of course so to are the recipients of this wonderful gesture ... We say thank you the Coutts Family ...you are Awesome!!

So here is how Ugandans build a hen house - with Pastor Cogan up on the roof ...

Part of the 93!

Workmanship is really superb....and they work with pride and always a smile...

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