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A major tick-off for 2019 ...

In keeping with the idea of self-sustainability it has always been my intention to create opportuntiies that will allow two desperately impoverished areas of Africa to make a small seed grow into a large tree.

This has already happened in Kakuuto with the building and provisioning of a bread bake house. And now in Kabale ... where there is an Orphanage of 180 children in desperate need of the basics of life...we have our own Safari Company and (more to the point) our own fully paid for (by a handful of local people from NZ) SAFARI Vehicle which will enable tourists to view the acclaimed and endangered Silverback Mountain Gorillas which reside not far from the Orphanage.

This is a very defining moment and culminates from 4 donations from Oamaru locals, 1 from Auckland and a very loyal and supportive couple in Te Awamutu. AND the 575 people who came to the grand opening of POSHTEL (www.poshtelnz.com) - your $5 donation helped buy this 2010 Toyota Super Tourer.

So THANK YOU THANK YOU......the next part of the story is to fill the little coach with many happy and excited tourists ...because as the signs say ALL profit goes to the Orphanage of Hope to sustain the children in all aspects of their lives.

Who wants to go on Safari?! Book here www.hopesafaris.com


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