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The 45 Days of January!

Despite it being closer to the end of February than the end of January when I should have been writing an update of events … can I assure you that much has been happening in the two projects we have committed our lives to … that of Kakuuto and Kabale in the Southern region of Uganda.

The Bakehouse in Kakuuto

is enjoying good sales but i am told is being hampered by three relatively inexpensive pieces of equipment that need to be purchased … a moulder, a cutter and a separator which would enable the Bakehouse to enter the next level of productivity. We would really appreciate if a bakery or bakery people who have an inbuilt passion for making bread could stand alongside us and help us over the line. We have been super-impressed with the dedication of the Bakehouse team wanting to strive for perfection in making this vital food commodity.

Pastor Stephens ENTCAS: Small Dairy Project

Two pregnant milking cows + 2 water tanks + a small building to catch the water and aid security … may not sound much but this would have amazing spin-off effects on the whole Kakuuto community. Milk, cheese,

butter and yogurt would be the benefit and we can see this being the birthing of an economic embryo for a wonderful opportunity for the future. (We only need two to start with!!!)

Orphanage of Hope, Kabale

Many of you saw the miracle that came by moving the Orphanage away from the lake ...warmer, dryer and a better building for the children's health and safety. What happened 20 days later could have been the worst tragedy imaginable when a giant tornado ripped through the old Orphanage … something I am told was a very, very rare climatic event.

With a better place to live and the 30 mattresses sent at Christmas the children are now sleeping on average of 4 more hours a night (as well as 3 to a mattress down from 7). By next Christmas we want to have 2 children per mattress. That will mean 80 more mattresses. We would welcome pledges from our readers and followers ... no money needed up front until late November.

Hope Safaris … the need for a vehicle

It's not a Hummer we require … just a standard 8-seat vehicle before the Gorilla viewing season starts in May. We have $2,500 raised … just need another $12,000 to make the Orphanage of Hope more self-funding/ self-sustaining. This is our immediate need … and would take a lot of the personal funding heat off us. Every dollar helps … and we really do need a hand on this too.

Garden of Hope

This has been a real success story … 420 kilos of Sweet sugar climbing Beans (a lot of Beans!!) Ps Cogan tells me the fertiliser that we paid for in addition to the seeds, herbicide and wooden sticks made a huge difference ... and these will last the orphans several months. Our next planting season is August…would you like to be a part of it??

There is so much to thank God for ... and we do. Again, we emphasise that every dollar we raise goes in its fullness to the assigned project … not a single cent (or Ugandan shilling!) is wasted. And if we could get mamy people even giving as little as a Gold Coin we would see transformation!!

Thank you for reading,

Lindsay and Dalaine



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