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November Update

Hello Friends and supporters,

Dalaine and I are slowly getting back into a routine here is Oamaru, New Zealand with lots of early morning messaging to Uganda as we keep on top of all that is happening over there. Life certainly isn’t dull .. I am now a Business Partner in an African Safari Tour Business! It’s been three and a half years since I first visited Harriet in Uganda and felt to raise money collectively to make a difference in her world and community. Now, we are really seeing results in the projects that we’ve sown into and the difference being made into so many lives.


We now employ 18 people at the Bakehouse. 7 Bakers, 3 salesmen, 2 drivers, 4 packers, a cleaner and manager! This is making a huge difference in the lives of so many families in Kakuuto, Uganda. It has been a huge learning curve for us all with challenges along the way .. but definitely the best success story I have ever been involved in!


Our Entcas Loan recipients continue to benefit and see the results of their hard work. Here’s an email from Alexander whom we gave a loan to buy pigs and a sty, you may remember that Alexander is the headmaster of the local school wanting some extra income - he has a strong business plan and is excited to lead other people in his community to follow in his footsteps and gain an extra income.

“We are very much pleased to have both of you celebrate with us on our success. It's our greatest joy to see our dream starting to yield 9 piglets from the first sow! Two more pigs have conceived and will follow early next year. Our sample of 4 pigs seems to be doing well and we plan to advance to 4 more pigs (sows) as a way to expand the dream.This will be in intervals of two pigs in March and two more in June 2018 as we study the progress. What excites us more is that customers are now booking the piglets even before they are ready! Our prayer is that through this dream the name of our Lord Jesus Christ will glorified. May God bless you our dear friends."

Our next ENTCAS recipient is Pastor Kintu Stephen. On a meagre wage, Pastor Stephen has developed a detailed business plan to invest in Friesian Crossbred Cattle to be housed on land available to the Pastor that in time will form the basis of a small milk production unit, that will supply raw milk to his immediate family with the surplus on-sold to the community and beyond. Early next year we want to purchase two pregnant cattle - if you would like to be a part of this project and receive the business plan in full, please get in touch.


We've been really busy working with Cogan to develop a strategy to ensure the longevity of the Orphanage. Two projects have been implemented: Gardens of Hope and Hope Safaris.

The health and wellbeing of the children has improved with the mosquito nets that we sent over and the newly built bathroom block. We are still continuing with our “Buy a Child a Bed” campaign. In the long-term we'd love to have a bed for every child - but at present there simply isn't the space for 180 beds, we will need to build a new dorm. Currently children sleep 7 to a bed. Just reducing this to four, and then to one or two will be incredible.

A New Zealand family has recently bought 3 beds in lieu of Christmas Presents this year. What a fantastic idea! If you are stuck for Christmas ideas, why not consider buying a bed, mattress, sheets and blanket for a child in Uganda. We will email you a certificate of purchase with details on how to follow up on your gift with photos of our children enjoying their new beds. Our goal is to buy 30 beds/mattresses by Christmas. Please share this project with friends and family, or through our facebook page to bring awareness of it.


The gardens are growing fast! I’m really impressed with the work ethic and vision of Cogan and his team. Very soon, our children will have fresh food and variety to their diets.

**As I am about to push send on this email, I have been told that we have been gifted the use of another 1/2 acre of rich land beside the lake and close to the Orphanage of Hope .This has been yet another blessing and our 8 wonder women are currently clearing the land, they are paid which is bringing them very important income for their families. The land will be planted in Irish Potatoes, we are very grateful to a wonderful OOH follower Annie who donated NZ$500 for 5 sacks of seeds.


Talking to Cogan, I found out about his background and passion as a Safari Tour Guide. He has a wealth of experience and together we have undertaken a lot of research into the feasibility of offering Safari Tours to tourists with all profit being directed back into Orphanage of Hope. So … I am now the director of ‘Best of Africa Experience Safaris Limited’ aka Hope Safaris. Visit our website to check out our tours, profiles and a page about the Orphanage itself: www.hopesafaris.com. And of course, if you are wanting to go on Safari, or have friends considering doing so … pass on our details, we’d love to be your host!

Currently, we will be hiring an open-top vehicle for Safari Tours. But in order to make top dollars and profits for our Orphanage, we need to purchase our own vehicle. We have estimated that the profit on a 10-day Safari Tour with our own vehicle will be $1375. What a huge difference this will make to the upkeep of the orphanage and the livelihood of those beautiful children.

We’ve had several quotes of vehicles, and will be looking at a cost of between NZ$15,708 (US$10,730) and NZ$19,685 (US$13,412). Will you come on board to partner with this project? Trust me … it’s not everyday that you have the opportunity to partner with an African Safari Company! Join me in doing something positive and out-of-the box today!

I look forward to hearing from you and value all contributions to our charity, big and small. We’ve come a long way this year, but it can only be made possible as we come together collectively to ‘make OUR names count’!

Many blessings,



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