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What an incredible few months!

Dalaine and I are soon to return from an incredible few months of relaxing and meditating on what the future holds for Make My Name Count. We're excited to get home and start the next season, and get busy making all our dreams for Kakuuto a reality! Here are a few snaps of our travels around Europe:

A few updates this past month:


We've recieved our next update and wow, the photos say it all! Gertrude's hens have started laying eggs (so white, I think she must polish them!!!), Alex's pigs are growing fast, and Peter's bee hive's are waiting for bees, a normal process in the set-up. We are so proud of how they have used this investment and the reports we are recieving. Soon enough, they will repay their loans, and we will be able to invest this money to turn someone else's life around by providing them with a self-sustaining income. If you'd like to invest into this, please contact me.


Our latest project is a little bit out of Kakuuto, in Kabale. This orphanage has touched our hearts and we were moved to help where we could. A good friend in NZ has brought the incredible need to our attention.

There are obviously some essential survival and health needs that need to be met first - proper bedding and mosquito nets to prevent malaria. Further down the track, we'd like to concentrate on ENTCAS loans so that this orphanage can support itself.

The photo of 7 children sharing a mattress may look cute but it is a disaster waiting to happen with spread of infection especially flu and malaria. All the children's immune systems has been compromised with the effects of AIDS.

These children for the moment are living by the skin of their teeth, we'd appreciate your help to make a difference in their lives.Just before our return to NZ, Dalaine and I bought 46 mosquito nets and sent them to the orphanage - a start to making a huge difference in these children's lives.

We want to continue to provide beds, mattresses and bedding for these children. about NZ$80 will buy these new for one child. If you would like to donate to give a child a better nights sleep and reduce disease and sickness, please follow this link to make a donation: https://www.makemynamecount.org/donate

We will have much more to report once we are back in NZ and return to some sort of normality (.... yeah right!)

Much love

Lindsay and Dalaine

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