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ENTCAS monthly report

Well ... a lot has happened in a month! The photos below say it all!

What makes me thrilled and so proud of all of them is the tremendous care and attention they place on "doing things right". Look at the quality of construction of all three projects ....the hen enclosure, the pig enclosure and the care and attention and thought of where to place the bee hives.

We didn't just throw money at buying some animals, the purpose was long term sustainability ....and the effect and benefits for the families and community will be profound.

We gave an interest free loan of NZ$994 to Alexander, NZ$300 to Gertrude and NZ$1195 to Peter. These will be repaid within the year and the money then distributed to another recipient. If you would like to provide an interest-free loan to help a family in Uganda, receiving regular updates, please contact me.

Alexander's Pig Sty

Gertrude's Hen House

Peter's Bee Hives


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