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ENTCAS ... a hand-up, not a hand-out

Imagine helping a whole family to lift themselves out of poverty and provide income stability in one of the poorest regions in the world. That is exactly what we are doing with ENTCAS (Entrepreneurial Capital Scheme).

When we finished building the house for Harriet in Kakuuto, Uganda in 2016, we wanted to leave her family with some money to use to build a business to be able to support themselves. Have a look at these before and after photos, the money was used to set up a cattle and crop farm on their property. Our visit to them in April 2018 showed how valuable this small investment has been.

1. Harriets home in 2015 on the flood plains

2. The land by Harriets home has been turned into a cattle farm with the small loan we left her

In preparing for our visit to Africa, I knew we were to explore this avenue further and provide small-business interest-free loans. We started with Josee in Rwanda, providing her with a small loan to set up a market stall. Whilst in Kakuuto, I ran a small business workshop to provide training and explain the ENTCAS process. To start with, we will only approve applications from people who attended the small business workshop. Applicants are to fill out a detailed application form (sometimes with the help of Pastoral staff), providing a full analysis of the business set-up, market research, experience/knowledge and benefits to the wider community. Loans are recommended and endorsed by Pastor Kintu Stephen of Kakuuto Community Church and then final approval is given by Lindsay Walker. Recipients must agree to provide quarterly progress reports and pay back the loan within 12 months.

From left: Alexander, Pastor Kindu Stephen, Gertrude and Peter outside the bank to withdraw funds to start their new business ​ It is with great delight that the first three loans have been approved. Alexander, Gertrude and Peter all attended my workshop in April, and all displayed wisdom, passion and desire to lift themselves out of poverty and benefit their community. I am excited to see their progress reports throughout the next year.

ENTCAS is simple and safe. The applicant agrees to pay money loaned back within a year and this is then forwarded to another person. It will make a lasting difference in this community. Money donated goes directly to the recipient - there are no admin costs or 'middle-men'. After working with Pastor Stephen and Celebrate Hope Ministries since 2015, I am confident in their ethic and trust them wholeheartedly. There are many more applicants who qualify for a loan - you too can provide a loan to lift a community out of poverty.

There are two ways that you can donate: 1. Sponsor a particular start-up business. We will provide you with information on the business, progress reports and pictures. Contact Lindsay on lindsayswalker@gmail.com to express interest in helping. 2. Give a one-off donation or set up an automatic payment. Our charity Make My Name Count bases itself on the fact that collectively we can make a difference. You can deposit into the following NZ Bank Account with reference ‘ENTCAS’: Kiwi Bank: 38-9006-0298793-01

Overseas givers may prefer to use our paypal account (link on website here). Please send us an email or message so we can thank you.

Here are the profiles of Alexander, Gertrude and Peter - first of what we hope will be many to receive ENTCAS loans:


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