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The BIG Picture

As you all know … I feel called to make a real difference in the community of Kakuuto, Uganda. Having visited twice, and completed a couple of projects, I’ve seen first hand the difference we can make collectively as we come together to better an impoverished community.

I’ve reported on little projects that I want to see happen in the next few months. But I also want to show you the bigger picture of where I see us going in the future.

It’s a big ask, requiring a lot of faith, as I put these figures onto paper. We are wanting to raise a total of NZ$450,000 (US$315,000). But, when I think of the $67,000 that has already been sent over the past two years to see a family now living in a safe house, and a community producing bread, employment and income … the goal doesn’t seem as arduous!

Here’s the breakdown …

  1. School Bus ($40,000) and projected 6 months of fuel ($3,600) – you can read more on this project here: (blog)

  2. School computers/equipment ($8,000) – the school is need of upgrade to their computers and other equipment. Perhaps you are involved in a school that could donate quality equipment and partner with us – we’d love to hear from you!

  3. Kakuuto New Church Building ($205,000) – this is our largest project. The church is also the meeting space for many groups and meetings during the week – “the hub of the community”.

  4. New medical centre ($90,000) and medical equipment ($50,000) – we’d love to hear from you if you are in the health profession and would like to partner with us to bring quality health care to this thriving community

  5. ENTCAS – ‘Entrepreneurial Capital Scheme’. While I was in Kakuuto, I ran a workshop for locals who want to start their own business. They can apply for an interest free loan to help them get set up which must be paid back in 12 months to allow another person start a business. So far, we have a bee-keeper and two poultry farmers applying for a loan.

  6. Bakehouse Truck ($40,000) and new Moulder/Slicer/Cutter ($12,000) – there is so much demand for the bakehouse product that we need to provide better transport and equipment. A proven success, more capital investment into this project will produce even better results.

Come on the journey with us as we see a community transformed!

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